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Variant configuration is used by many customers who bring highly individualized products to the market fastly and efficiently. With new advanced variant configuration(AVC), new solutions are available to the customer.

With S/4HANA embedded analytics, it is possible to define own analytics using the CDS views for variant configuration and classification.

The backend of SAP S/4HANA is powered by Virtual Data Models (VDM). These VDMs represent the Business Objects, for example, Sales Order,Purchase Orders, etc. On top of the VDMs are the front-end applications. These are available for Business Users, Power Users and developers.

The VDM is powered by the Core Data Services (CDS) Views.

Quick Five steps to setup embedded analytics for S/4HANA AVC:

Step 1: Configuration characteristics which are relevant for analytics are designed in class of type 399


Step 2: Create CDS view using newly created class(class type:399)


AVC-CDS View Creation

Step 3: Create new CDS cube by combining the created CDS view with Sales CDS

AVC-CDS Cube Creation


Step 4: Create CDS query view by consuming the CDS Cube view

AVC - CDS Query

Note: Publish the CDS query

Step 5: Consumption of CDS quey views in applications

AVC - Embedded Analytics




With this overview, we can able to define and work with CDS views in embedded analytics.


Thank you

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