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One of the most frequent questions asked by our Customers about Expense Reports features is IF IT IS POSSIBLE TO CREATE REPORTS FOR OTHER EMPLOYEES VIA STANDARD SAP FIORI APPLICATION.

Such option is available in the Fiori application of My Travel and Expenses after implementation the ODATA service PAOC_TRV_SRV (SAP note 2441151. Must be implemented along with 1622954).

The ODATA service is not the only solution for Employee List management. The ability to select employees’ Personnel Numbers is achieved by using the SAP Fiori application of Employee List (FITV_EMPLOYEE_LIST).

You can handle Employee List via Filter where our attention is paid to the item of Users.

Front-end functionality allows to choose any of the PRECONFIGURED employees.

As a result, handled Personnel Number will be switched off.

SAP Fiori application configuration for travel expense reports posting on behalf of other employees is defined in the back-end system. The two system objects which need adjustments are:

- data personalization;

- standard SAP role SAP_FI_TV_WEB_ASSISTANT_2.


Configuration steps for Data Personalization

1. FPB_MAINTAIN_PERS_M: run transaction.

2. Define the following values:

- dialog DIA_CO_CCA_TR;

- user name WHO is supposed to create Expense Reports;

- time frame for Employee List activation;

- activate option "Update Input Data Only".

3. Execute the selected criteria.

4. Define the following values:

- selection type P;

- PERNR of the employees FOR WHOM the user will create Expense Reports.

NOTE. You can use multiple selection to enter a number of Personnel Numbers.

5. Save the entries.


Configuration steps for the role SAP_FI_TV_WEB_ASSISTANT_2

Data personalization settings are powerful only being accompanied with appropriate FI authorization. Assigned business role is supposed to include the objects F_TRAVL, P_TRAVL.

 1. SU01: verify the roles assigned to the user. Find those which contain FI authorization objects F_TRAVL, P_TRAVL with necessary configuration for “on behalf” travel expense report posting (for instance, via SAP GUI transaction PR05 that might be also used productively before SAP Fiori application implementation).

2. If such kind of roles are not used in the organization, please move to the next step.

3. PFCG: generate profile for the role SAP_FI_TV_WEB_ASSISTANT_2.

NOTE. The role of SAP_FI_TV_WEB_ASSISTANT_2 contains the authorization object P_TRAVEL which allows using external employees.  Provided standard authorization is rather general and must be specified for real business needs.

4. SU01: add the role to the test user.

5. PFCG: compare users.


As soon as all the configurations are completed, Expense Report management on behalf of other employees via standard SAP Fiori application becomes available.
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