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Executive Review functionality in Success Factors Compensation

What is executive review?

Executive review is a way to see and/or manage the compensation planning process for a large population of employees. A form goes to one comp planner and only contains data for the employees that are in the comp planner’s hierarchy. Executive review groups data from multiple forms into one view. Executive review allows a user to see all the data that a comp planner can see on a form (including demographic data, merit increases, adjustments, and any other data field that appears on a comp form). The difference is that in executive review, all the employees from multiple forms are listed on one page. The user with executive review permission does not necessarily have to be included in the form’s route map in order to see the data.

Who has executive review?

Anyone can be granted permission to see executive review. A user can either have Edit or Read-Only permissions.

Typically, the following types of roles are granted executive review:

  1. 1) Senior level management / executives: This group wants to see the entire organization at once, without having to go though lots of buttons and screens to get the big picture. Executive review allows them to filter by different segments of the employee population. They can also see budgets and totals for the whole organization, rather than just one manager’s form.
  2. 2) Human resources: HR representatives can quickly see their organization at a glance. Typically, regional HR representatives need visibility into their employee population. 
  3. 3) Administrators: Admins like executive review because they get visibility into the comp process without having to track and approve hundreds of forms. They can sort by flagged entries (or exceptions) to see where manager are outside of company policies. Admins can export data from executive review, check that managers stay within guidelines, and quickly see what data is in the system.
  4. 4) Users that are not in the hierarchy (Division leaders/ site managers/ CFO): Executive review works well for users that are not in the route map or not connected to an employee through one of the Success Factors standard roles.

How does a user find executive review?

When a user is granted executive review permissions, a sub-tab will appear in their compensatio menu called “Executive Review.” Clicking on this tab opens executive review.

What filter options are available in executive review?

  Executive review gives users the ability to filter, sort, view, and export data by any demographic field. Open the filter options menu to see the options.

Here are some of the commonly used filter options.

What data is available in executive review?

Executive review displays the same data in the same format as a compensation form.

Can a user approve compensation planning in executive review?

No, there is no approval feature in executive review. It is view/edit only. Users must receive the form in order to document that a specific person has seen and approved a compensation plan.

How does executive review work with a route map?

Executive review is not tied to the route map in any way. A person with executive review could be in the workflow or not, and could be inside or outside of the hierarchy. An individual form’s route map does not impact executive review. Typically, companies choose to have a holding step in the route map where all forms are sent to an administrator’s inbox. Executive review is used at this time to view the data in the forms, even if the person using executive review does not have the form in their inbox.

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