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Document Splitting

I want to show the principle of document splitting.

Expected result shows GL view with splitting information:

How can we achieve this?

Step 1: Customizing

Where do we find customizing – see screenshot below

Classify GL accounts for relevant chart of accounts in your company code.

Which one is relevant – take a look on table T001

Enter name of COA and make setting for accounts

Enter at least P&L account and reconciliation account for posting vendor invoice, also add correct item category to account

In the next step classify document type for entering vendor invoice

Add business transaction and business transaction variant.

Then we define splitting criteria (like segment, profit center,….)

In the next step I have defined splitting criteria for controlling

In the last step document splitting is activated and constant value was set up

Step 2: Posting vendor invoice using TCd. FB60

Data for posting vendor invoice is entered.

Two lines on expense side have been entered with cost centers having different profit center

Using General Ledger Simulation, we take a look on the data in detail

In simulation mode we can see that splitting is done

We can see that data for reconciliation account 16 0000 was splitted in accordance to expense entries (= base lines for splitting)

Using expert mode in this screen shows us some more details.

We post document and take a look on entry and GL view

Step 3 query on posted document

Entry view:

GL view:

When using document splitting, you can report vendors per splitting criteria like segment, profit center

How you do this: I have written in document which can be found under following link:


I am looking forward to you feedback and discussion

All the best erwin