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ESS-E Separation System Configuration on Portal for ECC 6 Ehp5

Applies to:

SAP EP 7.01 SAP-ESS 605 SP7, ECC 6, SAP HR 605 SP 26. For more information, visit the Portal and Collaboration homepage.


This document describes the portal side configuration required for using E Separation delivered with SAP HR 605 (enhancement pack 5 for SAP HR). This includes the configuration of Web Dynpro ABAP applications, System Configuration on portal and SICF configurations.

Author: Sivavardhan Reddy

Company: KPMG

Author Info

Sivavardhan Reddy is working with KPMG as a Functional consultant for SAP Enterprise Portal. He has experience working on OM,PA,TM,ESS,MSS,TEM,ECOM,LSO,EREC,PMS, EP, Adobe Interactive Forms, and Portal Administration.

E Separation:

The e-separation solution will aid any employee separation process due to resignation, retirement, or employer-initiated (such as absconding, death cases). Companies can have a transparent process so the employee and the involved parties (manager, HR personnel) have a clear understanding and the latest information on what stage the process has reached, thereby reducing the administrative work and time involved.

Switch Framework

After the installation, no user interface or process change takes place. You must explicitly activate new functions so that they become visible in the system. As a result, changes are predictable and there are no side effects as only the activated areas change.

With the switch framework technology (transaction SFW5), it is possible to control the activation of new SAP objects in ABAP-based SAP systems. The activation process triggers a background job that automatically performs all changes in the SAP system. It is recommended to test the installation and up gradation on a sandbox system

HCM_LOC_CI_21: Business Function HCM, Localization Topics for India (New)


As of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 (EA-HRCIN 605), the business function HCM, Localization Topics for India is available.

You can use this business function to meet the country-specific requirements in the area of Human Capital Management (HCM) for India.

For more information, see the following individual release notes:

HCM_LOC_CI_21: Enhancement on Housing, Claims and Company Loans (New)

HCM_LOC_CI_21: ESEP-Localization Solutions for Public Sector

HCM_LOC_CI_21: ESEP-Localization Solutions for Public Sector


As of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0 (EA_HRCIN 605), the business function, HCM Topics for India (HCM_LOC_CI_21) is available. With this business function, you can enhance the Employee Self Service functionality for Payroll India - Public Sector. This enhancement can be done by implementing the E-Separation Solution.

You can use the E-Separation solution to:

Initiate and track the separation process

Counsel the employee

Get approvals from various individuals

Get dues cleared from different departments

Generate required correspondence letters at different stages

Process necessary information for the employee's exit interview

Give flexibility / customizing option so that customers are able to map the E-Separation processes of their organization

Initial Setup for Employee Self Service (ESS) in EHP5

Business Packages and System Requirements

The following systems, business packages and XSS components need to be installed to fully leverage ESS (and/or MSS) services in ECC6 EHP5.

  1. a.    System Requirements

          SAP Web AS ABAP 7.0+

          SAP Portal 7.0+

  1. b.    Business Packages and Components

          Business Package for Employee Self-Service (WDA) 1.50

          Business Package for Common Parts 1.51

          Business Package Talent Management Specialist 1.4 (TM only)

          SAP ESS 633

          PCUI_GP 633

          SAP ECC 6.0 and EA-HR 605

Creating a Custom ESS Launchpad

A ‘Launchpad’ is a collection of navigation destinations that are stored as a separate technical object in the system.

You use a launchpad to allow users to navigate to specific goals outside of the current Floor plan Manager application. For example, this could mean navigating to other Web Dynpro ABAP applications, external Web pages, transactions, reports, or other business objects. The You Can Also and Related Links elements are available in the toolbar of Object Instance Floor Plans and Guided Activity Floor Plans. You can assign these elements to different launchpads. In the floor plan for an overview page, you can integrate launchpads via the launchpad component.

Go to transaction LPD_CUST. Select ESS (Role), Menu (instance) as shown below.

Once inside the ESS Menu, we will see the following applications under the ESS Launch pad:

Click on Work Events: Under work events bellow standard roles is there.

SICF Settings

The new WebDynpro services need to be activated;

Go to the transaction, SICF

Select services under sap/public/bc

Sap provided bellow standard services:

1.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_RM (Reporting Manager)

2.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_AD (Administrator)

3.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_AP (Approval)

4.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_HR (HR Person)

5.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_EE (Employee)

6.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_TO (Task Owner)

7.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_SY (System)

8.     HR_EA_A_OVERVIEW_CU (Counsellor)

Click on Execute Button

Right click on above role

Click on Activate Service.


Employee Self Service-Personal Information-Work Events

Click on Work Events it will display all service (Roles)

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