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This blog is about how to remove the error related to mandatory field ‘business place’ for integration with SAP and Concur. Concur is travel and expense solution provided by SAP.

In Thailand, companies must register each of their sites (for example, offices and plants) with the Revenue Department. Each site is responsible for collecting its own value-added taxes and preparing its own VAT returns. Here, in SAP we can refer these sites as ‘Business Place’ required to calculate VAT.

Hence, as per country specific requirement for Thailand, we have ‘Business Place’ as mandatory field in SAP, which automatically determined from Plants and Sales Org. This field cannot be controlled via any field status group/layout/substitution directly.

If in case the configuration is not possible, example if we do not have sales org, then the field needs to be controlled via BADI.

T code to check concur postings/errors: CTE_SETUP

For financial postings in SAP ‘Business Place’ field can be adjust via BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_ADJUST_DOC and method IF_BADI_CTE_FIN_POST_ADJ_DOC~ADJUST_POSTING_DOCUMENT to fill the business place automatically.

If there are less than two co codes then you can mention as below, otherwise its better to create Z-table and maintain co codes for which this change is applicable.

In this example, we have two co codes and one business place ‘0001’, so by implementing this change ‘Business Place’ will automatically get updated as ‘0001’.



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