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Equipment Task list Display Report by using SQVI


Hi All,

This is my First Document in the Forum and hope this will be helpful for all.


IA10 and IA17 standard reports are available to display equipment task list, unfortunately this only brings across the information as it would be printed so there is a lot of work to be done in the spreadsheet to get what you want to see. But maybe not impossible! Hope this report will helps Plant Maintenance users to view the maintenance task list details of multiple equipment’s and save  into spreadsheet.

The report will be created by using T code SQVI

Used SAP Tables:

  1. 1.      EQUZ
  2. 2.      ILOA
  3. 3.      EQKT
  4. 4.      IFLOTX
  5. 5.      EAPL
  6. 6.      PLKO
  7. 7.      PLPO
  8. 8.      PLWP
  9. 9.      T351X

Step 1:

Enter T Code SQVI

Enter Name of the program for the report in the quick view field and press create button

Now enter the Title for the report and select data source as table join.

Select basis mode and press enter

Step 2:

Press   to enter the table name

Step 3:

Again click on table and enter table which should be link to previous table. Example in EQUZ   Equipment number it is linked to EQKT equipent number.

We can take n number of tables which should linked to previous entered table.

Enter tables EQKT, EAPL, PLKO, PLPO, PLWP and T351X by following the previous step.

Step 4:

You can delete / edit table connections by selecting the black line and clicking with the right-mouse button.

Select the unwanted connections and delete by clicking the right –mouse button.

Step 5:

Enter 2 more tables ILOA and IFLOTX

Bring ILOA and IFLOTX tables to the starting screen to connect EQUZ table.

Step 6:

Click join condition button  on the top of the screen

Now give EQUZ and ILOA table and press enter

The logic:

  1. 1. Select EQUNR field from EQUZ table and pass this into EQKT table to get equipment number and description
  2. 2. Take EQUNR field from EQKT table and pass this into EAPL table to get the task list details.
  3. 3. Take PLNNR field from EAPL table and pass this into PLKO table to get the planner group.
  4. 4. Take PLNNR field  from PLKO table and pass this into PLPO table  to get operation details
  5. 5. Take PLNNR & PLNKN fields from PLPO table and pass this into PLWP table to get the required maintenance strategy of task list.
  6. 6. Take PAKET & STRAT fields from PLWP table and pass this into T351X table to get the maintenance schedule of operation.
  7. 7. Select EQUNR field from EQUZ table and pass this into ILOA table to get functional location. description
  8. 8. Select TPLNR field from ILOA table and pass this into IFLOTX table to get functional location description.

After removing the unnecessary links between tables the final links as given below

Table links:









Step 7:

Press back button after connecting the table links

Press  to switch between filed names and technical names

Step 8:

Selection fields is for input screen of the report

List fields is for output of the report

Input Fields:

                       EQUZ-EQUNR (Equipment Number)

                       PLKO-VAGRP (Planner Group)

                       PLPO-WERKS (Plant)

Output Fields:

                      PLPO-WERKS (Plant)

                      ILOA-TPLNR (Functional Location)

                      IFLOTX-PLTXT (Functional location Description)

                      EQKT-EQUNR (Equipment Number)

                      EQKT-EQKTX (Equipment Description)

                      PLKO-VAGRP (Planner Group)

                      PLPO-LTXA1 (Task list Operation Text)

                      T351X-STRAT (Strategy)

                      T351X-KTEX1 (Maintenance Package Text)

Select the above input and output fields in the quick viewer screen                   

Press  to switch between filed names and technical names

Select the output fields for the report

Step 9:

Now go to sort fields tab to enter field names to sort

Select  to find required field

Click after entering the table and field name

Click   to enter sort fields into quick viewer

Sort Fields:






Select  at the top left side of the screen

Select output headings of the report to change if required, we can change and modify the output length as required

Press Back Button on the screen to save the SQVI report

The SQVI report has been saved, select the line item and press execute to run the report

Input Screen:

Output Screen:

Procedure to create tcode:

Go to system –status on the input screen

Copy the programme name and give it to the ABAPER to create TCODE for the report.

Hope you all will find the Document Helpful.

Thanks & Regards,

Sunil Boya

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