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Dear Friends,

In this blog we can see how to enable the F4 search help/ fuzzy search/ ahead search option for the Equipment field.

If we know only Equipment number then will directly pass the Equipment number in any transaction like IW28, IH08, IW38,ect to get the Equipment Details.

Some times we only know the Equipment Description, at that time we pass the Equipment Description in the Equipment field. It should display the Equipment number with Equipment Description.

In our case we can take IH08 transaction, If we know Equipment number we can directly insert into the Equipment field.

Below Example we can see the material stock MMBE transaction. If we type Material description in the material fields it's showing the material number along with the material description in the dropdown. Here I have entered the description

Example of MMBE transaction

If we know only the Equipment description, when we typing the description in the Equipment field it should be display the Equipment number with Equipment Description. Like the above example of the MMBE transaction.


Follow the below steps to enable the F4 search help/Fuzzy search/ahead search

Step 1:-

Open the "SAP logon" , click icon menu and click the "Options"

Option Menu


Step 2:-

Expend the folder "Interaction Design", Click "Visualization 2",  choose "Show Enhanced Search automatically"

Click "Apply" and "Ok"

Step 3:-

Check if the flag "'Use proposal search for input fields" is set in transaction SDSH_CONFIG

Step 4:-

Open the search help in SE11 tcode, check the following 2 options in the tab "Definition" > "Enhanced Options"

  • Proposal Search for Input Fields

  • Multi-Column Full Text Search (database-dependent) / Full Text Fuzzy Search (database-dependent) {Depends upon the version the description will change}

For Equipment the Search Value is "EQUIR"

For Equipment Description Value is "EQUIT"


In our case the Both options are disabled for the EQUIR and EQUIT , so we are not getting the Equipment details when passing the Equipment description in the Equipment filed in the IH08 transaction.

So, we need to enable this Both options. With the help of Development Team we need to enable this check box.

Once it's enabled you will get the Equipment number with description when passing the description in the Equipment field in any transaction.


Thank you,

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