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This document explains you the way of configuration end of service benefits(EOSB) policy as per your company policy. This document is totally based on Saudi Arabia Payroll solution but it may helps you in other country specific solution such as UAE Payroll, QATAR Payroll, OMAN Payroll where you want configure end of service benefits solution.

In first document i show you that how to define Resignation Policy, the details of settings you can find here http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-69652

This document show you the EOS policy setting on below situations:

  • Termination
  • Force Resignation
  • Resignation or Termination without paying EOS benefit

Configuration and Back-end Settings

SPRO Path: Payroll > Payroll : Saudi Arabia > End Of Services (EOS) > EOS Configuration - New Method >Configure End of Service Provisioning and Payout Policy

Termination Policy:

Design/create your company termination policy here:

Below screenshot show you how to design Resignation benefits slabs as per Saudi Arabia labor law:

"DIS" is a Pay Type variable which you use as return value in your feature 24EOS

"  " is Pay Group variable it will use in case of more than one group in a same policy

From Day 1 - 1800 Days

From Day 1801 - 9999 Days

In above screenshot if you want that your slabs calculate payment benefit as peroration base then checked mark both button "Prorate" and "Payment Slabs"

Below screenshot show you that i design my resignation policy in three different slabs, kindly note i am considering my year as 360 total days

Force Resignation Policy:

As per Saudi labor law if someone put resignation due to force but not his own will, like female employee does not continue her job after her marriage/or any new law. in this situation employer must pay EOS benefit as full salary whatever the days have service period he/she spend in the company.


From Day 1 - 9999 Days

Resignation/Termination without paying EOS benefit Policy:

In case of employee ESCAPE or any terminated any serious disciplinary action from the company and company didn't pay him/her.

From Day 1 - 9999 Days

Please follow me for more Saudi Payroll related processes i can write document for Termination/Resignation Calculation Scenarios in payroll as per these designed policies...which coming soon.