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Hello Everyone,

I have decided to create series of blog posts to speak of benefits of SAP Enterprise Portal. My purpose is showing you small but really effective functionalities for the employee's and most importantly HR clerk's life cycle in the enterprises.

Current situation in most of the companies is that there is a heavy administrative workload and never enough time for strategic duties.

The purpose of every enterprise is to optimize business processes. One of the best way to do is transferring some work from HR to employee's himself. This is where ESS is getting on the stage.

By taking the advantage of ESS, employees can handle most of the administrative tasks, including maintaining their own data. It basically means HR clerks can shift their focus on strategic tasks.


As an example let's have a look Leave Request processes in enterprises;

The process of creating leave request without using any web based technology is quite frustrating for employees, on the other handling all of these requests is really time consuming activity from the HR perspective.

The figure below is showing  the leave request process without using the Enterprise Portal, data flow starts with a leave request from the employee up to the point at which data is saved in HCM back-end system.


Process without ESS

The leave request process without Enterprise Portal solution includes following steps:

  1. The employee fills out a paper form to request leave and send its to the manager

  2. The manager copies or scans the paper form, approves it, and forwards it to the HR via e-mail

  3. The HR clerk manually enters data into HCM backend system

Bottom line the requested data is not saved directly in the HCM backend. So, it is not synchronized or live, plus it takes quite time to process request.


Now let's have a look the process with Enterprise Portal:

The process of creating a leave request with Enterprise Portal has many advantages, for employee, manager and HR clerk.

The figure below is showing  the leave request process by using the Enterprise Portal solution of SAP:

Process with ESS

The leave request process with Enterprise Portal solution includes following steps:

  1. The employee creates leave request directly on ESS. Request form can be sent to manager through workflow

  2. The manager receives the leave request and approves it from ESS or MSS user interface

  3. The data is sent and saved directly to the HCM backend system. HR clerk almost has no work during whole process.

So the bottom line, HR clerks and managers have a reduced workload and can focus on strategic issues which have the greatest impact on company's profitability.


Eventhough, the ESS makes life that much easier for the whole enterprise, some companies still have mandatory regulations which are established by governmental or regulatory authorities.

One of the example of that is the leave request form which is signed by employee has to be delivered to HR. That issue is kind of tieing the HR clerk's hands

But there is a solution for this, attachament option in ESS is enabling employees to attach their signed electronical forms to their leave request.

Now I am going to show you customizing steps of enabling attachment option for leave request application.

It is a standart option for leave request application. Please see the customizing path below;

Find the shown node under "Personnel Management"



Click on "Specify Processing Processes for Types of Leave"

At the next screen ;

Then you will see the indicator for enabling attachment for related absence type in leave request application:

Please see the example below, that is how it looks in the Leave Req. application on the portal;


Just a simple customizing actually solves a quite big problem for enterprises. Consequently, there will be way more time to focus on strategical goals for HR departments and managers.

I hope it helps, in my following blog posts I will continue to show other advantages of SAP Enterprise Portal solution.

Stay tuned, and please do not hesitate to contact me for your SAP HCM and ESS/MSS related questions.


Şafak Erdoğdu

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