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Bellow Business function for HCM form and Process

HCM_ASR_CI_3: Business Function HCM, Administrative Services 03


As of SAP ECC 6.0, Enterprise Extension Human Capital Management, enhancement package 5 (EA-HR 605), the HCM, Administrative Services 03 (HCM_ASR_CI_3) business function is available.

With this business function you can activate the following functions that are available for HCM Processes and Forms:

o User interface enhancements:

- User interface harmonization: All user interfaces for HCM Processes and Forms are now based on a common architecture and framework, Floorplan Manager (FPM). This has the following advantages:

i) All features behave in the same way across all integrated roles and across different types of processes (Employee and Organizational Management Processes).

ii) As FPM is an adaptable framework, it is now possible to adapt and enhance the user interfaces (UI) with one common technology whereas, previously, you had to adapt different underlying architectures.

- User interface flexibility: The UI flexibility is a direct result of the above described use of the FPM framework. You can adapt different UI elements such as roadmap texts and button texts using FPM application configurations.

- User interface enabling for Concurrent Employment (CE) support: When starting a process, the end user is now informed if an employee has multiple assignments.

- Hiring for Manager portal role: Through a role-specific configuration it is now possible to implement an iView which allows the manager to execute a hiring process using a form.

o New BI Content for Organizational Management processes:

- The BI Content of HCM Processes and Forms now also takes into consideration the Organizational Management process instances.

- The BI Content has been enhanced with the following 4 queries regarding the Organizational Management process instances:

i) Number of Processes (PA & PD) - Technical name: 0AS_MC01_Q0008

ii) Number of Proceses (PD) - Technical name: 0AS_MC01_Q0009

iii) Execution Time, Retention Time and Processing Time (PA & PD) - Technical name: 0AS_MC01_Q0010

iv) Execution Time, Retention Time and Processing Time (PD) - Technical name: 0AS_MC01_Q0011


As of SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP ERP 6.0, for the role HR Administrator, in addition to the portal version HR Administrator 1.51, there is a version available for the SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC) for HTML. For more information, see the HCM_NWBC_ROLES: Business Function HCM, Roles for SAP NetWeaver Business Client release note.

You have activated the Business Function HCM, Administrative Services 02 (HCM_ASR_CI_2) in your ERP system.

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