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Hello All,


While working on the CFL requirement in project for the first time I faced lot of difficulties to figure out the right way. As a beginner on this topic ,  it took considerable time reading variety of blogs , KBA and hit and trials before arriving at the desired result.

This blog post series intends to give a holistic picture of Custom Fields in SAP HANA and solve many of doubts on CFL app. It will give you a step by step guidance on a real time project requirement :

Below are the topics we would be covering as part of this blog series:

  1. Custom Fields and Logic App capability.

  2. How to prepare and enable your existing custom fields in tables EBAN and EKPO and show on GUI.

  3. How to publish the custom fields on Standard Fiori App.

  4. How to enable standard BAPI to update the CFL fields.

  5. Transport Movement of Extensibility related developments.

Motivation behind : There are lots of detailed articles , but the observation has been that they are either very high level or not very specific to our requirements we usually get in real time projects. The way custom fields can be created in a business context are many, for most of basic scenarios below approach can be used.

We have S4HANA , Release 755 as our Development Box. Have tried to make this article based on personal research and have tried to keep it as simple as possible so that can be understood to anyone with basic knowledge of ABAP. Any suggestions for edits / improvisations are welcomed 🙂

Scenario : We have custom fields in EBAN and EKPO Table. The requirement is to make this CFL enabled fields and publish on GUI and App.

So that we can publish these fields on Standard CDS views , GUI Screens , Fiori Apps supporting PR PO without technical effort.

Let's Begin with our 1st Topic 

Custom Fields and Logic App capability -

This is the standard App delivered by SAP where we can see the Custom Fields we have created in our SAP system. The short form for this App name is CFL. One can search this App by the name 'Custom Fields and Logic App' on Fiori Launchpad. Below is how the App looks.



SAP recommends using CFL enabled custom fields as it adheres to its Clean Core Methodology. Simple Reasons below  -

  1.  These fields can be created with minimal / no code at times

  2.  Creating Screen enhancements , or creating enhancements can be avoided

  3. We observation faster activation on Standard Tables and dependent table when using CFL app approach

  4. We also get the option to selectively enable/ disable the custom fields to be plugged in supported standard GUI screen , UI , Reports , BAPI , etc. All these at the click of a button.

The only important thing to remember we need to know the right process to create these fields otherwise we end up creating / deleting fields again and again…


So now, we know about one of the most talked about Custom Fields and Logic (CFL) app and its importance. This sets the background knowledge for our upcoming blog , where we will learn how to make existing custom fields of a  standard database table CFL enabled.

Hope, it was helpful. Suggestions and questions are welcome !! 😊


Next Blog: How to prepare and enable your existing custom fields in tables EBAN and EKPO and show on GUI.


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