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Configuration tasks occur in several business processes. SAP Variant
Configuration is primarily used to support logistic processes for
multivariant products in Different Sectors for example : Packing ,automobile, paper etc. and is an integral part of the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).

I have tried to make it as simple as i can, so that anyone can easily understand it.


Step-1: Material can be partially configurable (Semi Finish & Finish) by maintaining below mentioned check, we do not need to open material in KMAT material type in Advance Variant Configuration



Create Characteristics: Create your desire characteristics, if you are applying formulas with object dependency, data type of characteristics should have to be in numbers.

For Example: If you want to calculate one characteristics value based on other, you should maintain it as a Number format, can opt Character format.

Tcode :CT04

Maintain Characteristics LOV if required.

Step -3 Create Variant Class with 300 class type in CL02.

Assign Characteristics to that class:


And assign this class to material master.


Step 4 – Create Super Bill of Material--- CS01    



Step- 5

Need to assign and write object dependency while creating BOM after selecting the line item of semi finish or component as shown below where I have a combination of finish and semi finish.


We can assign both Selection condition and procedure on same material as mentioned below.

Below material is the combination of Semi Finish and finish assigning Selection Condition


Selection Condition--- We use selection condition if we want that a lower-level material should be picked on behalf of variant characteristics value which would be in number or range.

For example we have two semi finish A & B and in a scenario you wants to select material A from Bom rather then B based on characteristic value provided on sales order for Finish Material ,for that  you will use selection condition.

You can create Object dependency with a TCode CU01 also directly rather then going in bom and write there (Procedure/selection condition/pre condition), then can assign to the lower-level material.

As Shown in below picture we have mentioned that if the v_Width is between 20-390 select this material from super Bom.


Procedure--- where we just want to follow OR copy all the characteristics of header material to the lower level material. (COMPONENT OR Semi Finish)

Below is the example of procedure where we want system to copy all characteristics to lower levels materials (semi finish specifically.)

Step 6- Need to create configuration profile for material with tcode cu41


Processing Mode would be Classic/Advance.

7- Calculate Component Quantity Based on Parent quantity. For example we have a scenario where if any semi finish or any material quantity changes based on that we want system to change the quantity of any other semi finish or other component.

Create New characteristics For those components for which you need to change the quantity with tcode ct04 assigning table name STPO And field MENGE

To calculate quantity of component we need to assign Procedure on Component as shown in below Screenshot.

Our Component is 110000120 in combination of finish or semi finish product.


Assigned procedure :

If we want to calculate characteristics values based on some other characteristics on sales order  using the same characteristics which we have used in variant configuration.

Need to create a  new procedure .


Write Formula In that procedure.

To maintain formula we must assure all characteristics has to be open

And assign that procedure to that class which you have assign to that material as shown below

Step 6 – Check your Variant Configuration working properly or not T-CODE IS CU50.



Conclusion : The simple documents resulting in understanding the process of variant configuration in a very simple way, which is highly valuable for Manufacturing  and related stakeholders.



I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.



Raheel Khan



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