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Hi All,

In day to day life of SAP we encounter many issues, some of them are known issues and some of them are unknow for which we start looking for solution on different platforms including this one. Today I am going to discuss one of the issue which is common issue and we all have encountered in day today basis in SAP Treasury Inhouse Cash and I looked up in the forum but could not get much information on the same which inspired me to share some insight on the issue and possible solutions.

In SAP Treasury In-House Cash we encounter error which states "Account XXXX (bank area XXXX) being edited by end of day processing run" , this is very common error in In-House Cash and can be caused due to various reasons, I will try to make it simple, if any one is encountering this error then how to solve the same.



  1. Whenever you are getting this issue, first and foremost run the T code F9N8

Give your bank area and execute this will show in which program your account is stuck.

In the above print screen this shows that the account is stuck in RFBKBSST, now this can be checked in t code F9N3 which is Analyze Application Log for Bank Statement.

To resolve this issue you need to run F9N4, give you bank area and first check in Simulation run and system will automatically prompt the Stuck statement and the date since it is stuck.

Now remove the Simulation run tick mark and execute the T code, below screen will be prompted.

This will resolve your issue, again go to Tcode F9N8 and check, you will see there is no Stuck account in there.

If Statements are missing then Single statements can be Created via F9N7

2.Sometimes accounts are stuck due to Account balancing ( Interest and Charges), If you check in F9N8, then you will come to know regarding the reason (If its for account balancing), this can again be checked in Tcode F992. (as of now I do not have any scenario so could not provide the screen print)

This issue can be solved by running T code F995, which will restart the Account balancing ( interest and Charges), please be very careful in running this Tcode as interest and Charge calculation takes place in month end, please ensure that your end user (Generally operation Team) should perform this but remind them regarding the functionality of the T code F995. After running this if you check in T code F9N8, you will see that Stuck account is released and cannot be seen in F9N8.

3.Sometimes the account gets stuck for Mass Cash concentration run, check the same in T code F9N8.

To remove this block from ENDOFDAY run, run F9H5 – Cash Concentration: Restart after incorrect run.

Just process this without simulation run , once run system will prompt the date where it was stuck, choose the date and run.

Once run completed system will prompt a message stating Status Completed, You can check the Log in F960.

If the F account is Root Account (means there are accounts attached to the main account) and one of the F account is closed then you need to delete the hierarchy.

For doing this you need to go to Tcode F9H2.

Give your Bank Area and Root Account and enter.

This will show you the account Hierarchy, Choose your account which is closed  and click on Delete button highlighted in yellow, this will solve the Issue.


To summarize the END Of Day process consist of few steps which is done on Daily basis, I am giving the T codes which is used and Program as well.
Step 1) F9B2 (RFBKPDT2) - Set Posting Date in batch/Dialog, this runs on Daily Basis and can be

             automated as a batch job.

Step 2) F991 (RFBKCONC) - Mass Account Balancing (Interest and Charge Calculation), this runs

                                                on MONTHLY basis and this comes under month end closure

                                                Process, this also can be automated as a batch job.

Step 3) F9N1 (RFBKBSST) - Start Bank Statement, this runs on Daily basis and can be automated

                                                as a batch job.
Step 4) F9HL (RFBKGLBSPREP) - Balance Sheet Preparation Bank Customer Accounts - FI

                                                         General Ledger, this runs on daily basis and can be automated

                                                         as a batch job.
Step 5) F9HI (RFBKGL01) - Transfer Bank Current accounts - FI General Ledger, this runs on daily

                                               basis and can be automated as a batch job.
Step 6) F9N6 (RFBKCLEB) - END Of Day Process - Increase posting date of Balancing Posts, this

                                                runs on daily basis and can be automated as a batch job.


PS :-  The T codes mentioned above (Except the t codes which displays the Logs), generally Consultants will not have authorization to these in Production system, you can analyze the logs and then can guide the user how to solve the issue based on the cause of errors mentioned above, If you have Quality system and have the issues as mentioned above then you can simulate the same and resolve the issue.


Hope this blog post helps the all to check and resolve the issue related to IHC ENDOFDAY process.

Any Suggestions or Critics will be highly appreciated as this will help me to Improve in Future.



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