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With Connection of my previous topic find last two scenarios of employee ticket management:

Reference Document:

Scenario # 3 : Encashing the Leave Passage Quotas

Instead of allocating a ticket to an employee, you can pay a cash equivalent to the employee. Encashment can be made in either of two ways:

  • Off-cycle payroll
  • Regular payroll

First maintain IT0416 - Quota Compensation per company policy as below:

After maintain this information then you are able to make payment via regular or off-cycle payroll, system automatically pick the related wage type related this ticket encashment (Note that you already completed your back end setting in SPRO related this wage type assignments)

Payroll Execution and Result Log:

Below highlighted wage-types of ticket encashment is only based one month ticket quota evaluation of employee & three dependents:

Scenario # 4 : Issuing Tickets or Expired

If tickets are issued to an employee rather than encashed, the quota must be reduced accordingly.

When maintain infotype 0416 - Quota Compensation kindly make sure that "Do not Account" check box marked in case of ticket issuing so that quota must reduced but not process in payroll for payment purposes:

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