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How to Get Historic and Current and Futuristic Data For The Employee From the SuccessFactors Via Dell BOOMI.

This blogs shows that how can you get the full employee profile via BOOMI. Though this can be done from other ways or from directly Successfactors.

But in successfactors we cann't do any Data Manipulation.

Mention below are the steps which shows how to create the Employee Full File (All Historic / Current Effective /Future Data need to send in a file).

1) Create the Compound Employee API Operation:

2) Run the Compound Employee & take the output file , open the output file over any compatible Editor(Notepad++, Text Pad, Word pad etc) and remove the values of the output file from the XML which you are getting in between the nodes which is mentioned below :


Formatted NewCompoundEmployee XML :

For a Example I took the example for the Personal_Information & Address_Information node :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>














































Note : Save this file on the Desktop or any drive in .xml format.

3)  Import the NewCompoundEmployee.xml profile :

Click on the Next. Then we will get mentioned below kind of profile.

Then pick those fields which we need to send in a output or we can say , those fields which we need to consider in a output.

We need to change the " Max Occurs as a Unbounded "too, then only we will get all the values which we have in the SuccessFactors corresponding to the Employee.

This we cannot achieve directly from the compound employee API, which we directly import from the success factors inBOOMI.

In case during the New Compound Employee XML may be we are not importing the all the nodes, which we can manually added once those values required.

Edit the mapping and then add the respective nodes and then add respective sub nodes which we need or for those fields whose value needs in a output file.

e.g. Job Information:

4)  Run the BOOMI Process and check the output :


    Sample Output File :

Note : For any Odata / FO objects / .mdf Objects if need then we have set the property (Start Date = "01-01-1900") in BOOMI before calling the connector and provide the filter in a connector. Then we will get all the values from the OData as well.


Sumit Agaria

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