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Not too long ago I was faced with an interesting conundrum .... if you run an SAP Portal it is relatively easy to syndicate announcements of useful information into the home page of that portal, given that it is effectively an HTML page.  But what if you would like to provide similar information to your SAP GUI users (who might be a different user-base than your SAP Portal users)?

Some example scenarios might be :

Of course we know that SAP GUI users can receive messages which pop-up when the user logs in, but this is often not an appropriate mechanism for delivering some of the information types listed above.

So, I came across a useful OSS Note 1387086 'HTML Viewer in SAP Easy Access Screen' (via an SCN forum response that was answered by Sandra Rossi).  I wasn't sure how many others in the community were aware of this, so I thought I should blog about it.

Firstly as a pre-requisite, the OSS Note only applies to Basis releases 7.0 and above.

Based on the OSS Note, you simply need to do the following ...

Navigate to table SSM_CUST via view maintenance transaction SM30.  Create a new entry with the following ...


VALUE = <your web address>

Try it Out

To make it easy for you to try this out, I have created a demonstration site (from a previous blog Deliver dynamic search of SAP data into a website using RESTful services) which you can use.  DISCLOSURE: Under terms of use for the original website template, I created the hosted demonstration site based on a sample provided by Free Website Templates .  I incorporated my own images and aligned the themes to the SAP GUI Signature Design.

Alternatively you can use any other web address you prefer.

Enter the following for 'VALUE' ...

VALUE = http://www.johnmoy.com/demos/ztransactioncodes

An example screenshot is below ...

Then when you next launch a new SAP GUI session, you should see something like this ...

Of course you would ordinarily optimize the layout for your SAP GUI users (the example above has not been optimized).

I should mention that if and when your SAP GUI users migrate to using NetWeaver Business Client, the same web page can simply be integrated into that client also.

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