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This blog-post will help you to understand how release strategy behave if we remove one of them release code. The release strategy defines the approval process for purchase requisition and external purchasing documents. The strategy specifies the release codes necessary and the sequence in which releases have to be affected.

Before changes:

In below screen we can observe that there are four levels of approval and two release codes 01 & 02 has been approved before changes.

After changes:

In below screen we can observe that after changes means release code 09 has been deleted and next level 03 has been approved automatically without any approving.


After Changes

But if we look into the fiori my inbox pr# still lying with 09 release code user. And it should not lying in my inbox.

My Inbox

To avoid this type of inconsistence we should follow below steps.


T.code: SWI5


Go to t.code: SWI5 ànd give a required inputs and execute it.

Copy the work item of respective PR#.


T.code: SWIA

Now go to t.code: SWIA ànd enter work item number in identification.

Select line item and go to edit -->work item-->Administration-->Logically delete.


After deleting the line item, we can observe that Pr# has been not available in my inbox.



By above steps, now you got an idea of how release strategy behave if we remove one of them release code in release strategy and incase if PR# is stuck with my inbox then we can overcome this type of issue by following above steps.

pre requisite: Release strategy configuration should know.


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Hope this blog-post help full.


Thank you