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It’s tax season here in the US, so I recently found myself considering the role of the CPA in HR. 

What? Why would Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) be in HR? Are they looking for more ways to cut costs? No, I’m not referring to the good folks in finance and accounting.

I’m referring to something more insidious...

Something much more exhausting and expensive…

Something that consumes hundreds of hours of HR work hours per year…

In the world of HR, ‘CPA’ does not refer to the accounting profession. In HR, all too often, CPA means “Copy, Paste, and Assemble”.

“Copying, Pasting, and Assembling” can take many forms in HR. For example, when preparing a talent review presentation (which may even include designing and printing talent cards). “Copying, Pasting, and Assembling” presentations are laborious and the process is lengthy, requiring several rounds of updates from various team members,  (not to mention cosmetic beautification of your slides). 

Oftentimes, by the time you present the deck, your presentation is static, outdated due to last minute changes, and not flexible or dynamic to support the conversations that occur in a meeting. Which means, you have to go back and revise the presentation all over again, and schedule follow-up meetings.  Ouch.

This process takes days, weeks, sometimes months to get it right. And this ‘process’ can occur many times through the year—equating to hundreds, if not thousands of hours of “Copying, Pasting, and Assembling.”

We’ve heard from numerous customers that spend months and weeks to assemble these presentations. It’s a real pain in the neck. 

Let’s stop the out of control ‘CPA’ from making our lives miserable.

With the SuccessFactors February 2014 release, we’ve introduced something completely new—SuccessFactors Presentations. Check out this quick video introduction:


With SuccessFactors Presentations, HR can eliminate the “Copy, Paste, and Assemble” routing associated with creating PPTs for talent reviews and executive meetings.

SuccessFactors Presentations helps ensure more insightful meetings, with no muss and no fuss – saving HR time and money.  It provides remarkable presentations, rapid insight, and is ridiculously easy to use.

In fact, there are only three steps to using SuccessFactors Presentations:

1)    Create a presentation from within SuccessFactors – You can also upload an existing PPT into SuccessFactors)

2)    Modify your presentation – you can add new “live slides” to the presentation, or add ‘hot spots’ of live, ‘clickable’ data on existing, static PPT slides. Examples:

·         9-box or Succession Plan ‘live slide’ where you can click on an employee to bring up their talent card (you can even click on multiple employees to show their talent cards side by side). 

·         Static PPT which contains an image of a map. You can add a ‘hot spot’ of data from SF to show the employees in given region or office.

3)    Present your Presentation in full screen mode directly from within SuccessFactors – (yep, you can even arrange the sort-order of the slides – and yes, you can do it all on your iPad)

SuccessFactors Presentations represents the new way to provide workforce presentations that have an impact. Beyond static presentations or reports, HR can now provide workforce presentations that are more clear, accurate, engaging, and insightful. Plus, Presentations will save HR considerable time and effort at one of their more typical tasks.

It’s time to leave the CPA behind. You’re ready to roll.

Presentations are not just a new way to present info about your workforce -- they are a new way to present you as the HR leader you are. Remember, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

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