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Introduction: For the communication between two different systems we might use IDOC. For eg: In case of EWM-IM/LE shipment, we use IDOC.

Scope of this blog: Due to some issue at the target system, an IDOC might fail leaving an error. In most cases, incorrect parameter values in the IDOC might be the root cause. If you want to test the behavior of IDOC by altering a value in one or more of the segments, you can use below process.


Step 1) Open and search for the respective IDOC using T-code WE03 or WE05 and required selection parameters using the IDOC number or other suitable search parameters.

Step 2) Go to the segment where the value needs to be edited and double click on the "Notes" icon as sown below


Step 3) In the displayed screen of segment, go to menu  Data record -> Display -> Change


Step 4)  Click ok on the pop up shown


Step 5) Now the data fields are editable. Edit the value which you are looking for and save.

Step 6) Execute the IDOC. Following standard process. Refer to the blog: https://blogs.sap.com/2019/10/23/re-process-the-idoc-id/ for steps to re-process.

Note: The values that you can change should be in allowed name space and value range. for example, you cannot change Logical system or Client number. This may cause unwanted errors and dump.

Conclusion: It is not recommended to use this process of passing the changed values and re-executing IDOC in production environment. However, in order to analyze the issue, a solution resolver might want to replicate the scenario in test environment and test by passing changed values. In those cases, this process will be helpful.

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