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Dear all

Thought i would make you aware of some recent changes in SuccessFactors Employee Central as of release 1405.

I have a Sales Demo with Del Boomi Integration to an EC Payroll instance where the Employee Replication has been set up and is working nicely.

Coming in the other direction we had a configured HR Form Payslip displaying in the Pay Statement option within EC.

As of 1405 the way to access the Pay Statement has changed. SF has, for want of a better word, nested the Pay Statement option into a portlet that is now accessed via a simple Payroll option from the menus.

By default, this is not enabled in Role Based Permissions so it needs to be enabled in the required role to be available to the employee.

Heres an example of what it looks like in my system

Im now looking to extend the Payroll Integration with EC with the addition of the new Payroll services that allow admins to enter pay related data that can then be integrated with EC payroll. If i find anything interesting ill be sure to share.

Feel free to share your experience of EC/EC Payroll integration here or in your own thread. Ill be interested to hear your views on it as it progresses with each release. So far im very impressed.



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