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Sales and Distribution Configuration Steps in SPRO:

When i was working on my first implementation i had to read / google various articles and SCN Search for configuration steps.

I have made step wise guide for future reference on How to do SD Module configuration and sharing it with you for your reference as well.

Login to your SAP Client and Goto SPRO Transaction

Enterprise Structure is main part of any configuration and under this only we Define and Assign .


Creating a Sales organization : - (This is Top most in SD Module Tree Structure)

    Path :  SAP→ Enterprise Structure → Definition → Sales and Distribution → Define, Copy,                             check Sales org.

Creating a Distribution Chanel:

Path: SAP→ Definition → SD→ Define Copy Delete check,Distribution channel

Creating a Division:

   Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→Definitions → logistic Generals→ Define Copy,Check                              Divisions→ Double click.

Creating Sales Office:

   Path:  SAP→Enterprise Structure→Definition →Sales and Distribution → Maintain Sales office

Creating sales group:

   Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→Definition → Sales and Distribution → Maintain Sales group.

Assigning sales organization to company Code :

    Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→ Assignment → Sales and Distribution→ Assign Sales Org. to                 company code.

Assign Distribution channel to sales org :

     Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→ Assignment → SD → Assign Dis. Chanel to sales org → new                entry.

Assign Division to sales org :

Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→ Assignments → S D → Assign derision to sales org→ new                    entry.

Creating Assignment of Sales Area:

      Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→ Assignment → SD→ Setup Sales area.(Create assignment                     between your sales org. Distribution channel and division by Selecting new entries)

Assign Sales office and sales area:

Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→Assignment → SD → assign sales group to Sales area

*→ assignments SD→ assign sales group to sales office.→ new entries

Assign Sales org. Distribution channel- Plant

     Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure→ assignment→ SD→ Assign Sales org- distribution channel→                 plant

Create Shipping Points:

     Path: SAP→Enterprise Structure → Definition → logistic execution s Define copy delete shipping                Point

Assign Shipping Point to Plant :

It ensure goods from Different plant can be dispatched from different Shipping Points

SAP→Enterprise Structure→ Assignment → LE. → assign Shipping Point to plant

Define common Distribution channel for master Data

     Transaction: VOR1

Define Common DIvision for master Date

Transaction: VOR2

                                                              PRICING PROCEDURE: Configuration Steps

Step 1:

Condition Table ( if existing fulfill the requirement do not create one)

Path: SAP→ S D→ Basic function→ Pricing Control→ *

       NOTE : Condition Table [ Mostly existing one fulfill the requirement]

Step 2:

    Access Sequence: ( If Existing full fill the requirement do not create one)

SAP→Sales and Distribution → Basic function-> -Pricing Control→ Access sequence

Step 3:

   Condition Type:
     Path: SAP→ S.D.→Basic functions→ Pricing Control→ Condition Type.


Thank-you for reading this Blog as it covers all Basic configuration steps you need to perform while doing SAP SD Module configuration . I shall share further steps in Part 2 soon which will cover Number ranges , Document Types , Customer Master etc.


---------------------------------------------------||-------------END of PART-1-----------||-----------------------------------
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