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Last Friday, finally I managed to take and pass the SAP Activate Project Manager certification exam. I’m happy for two reasons;

  1. to have my previous qualification, i.e. SAP Associate Project Manager (C_PM_70), upgraded, and

  2. to complete one of my professionals goals which I had set earlier at the start of the current year.

Now as I have received my certificate, I think I can help those who are interested in knowing the process of preparing for the exam and earning the SAP Activate Project Manager title. Here are the steps to pursue the qualification.

Ready, Set, Go

To start your learning journey, go to the SAP Training website and look for the course code C_ACTIVATE05. You’ll be directed to its certification link which you can use to see the “Topic Areas”, among other useful information, covered in the course.

When you open an individual topic area, you can see the relevant course code in addition to its description. In the case of SAP Activate, there are two courses i.e. ACT100 and ACT200.

Classroom Training

Look for the courses to know the learning goals.

The ACT100 course introduces the Activate, describes its key characteristics, and explains how it can facilitate customers with their journeys by guiding them with the ways to access relevant content.

The ACT200 introduces the Agile Implementation Techniques for SAP Projects and enables participants to differentiate it with typically-used waterfall approach.

Online Training

You can build foundation knowledge of the subject by attending the aforementioned courses. However, there’s an alternative option also available i.e. the SAP Learning Hub.

You can access the corresponding learning material from the Learning Content. And if you any question you can discuss it with other experts within the Learning Room.

Study Tips

The learning material, handbooks and other content, has to be read online. To benefit from the Lessons taught in different Units, pay particular attention to the Lesson Objectives. Don’t rush. If you feel something isn’t clear, re-read & discuss it with other experts, around you or in the Learning Rooms. You can ensure if/not your understanding was correct, by attempting the questions given at the end of all units. Another thing which may help you is by taking notes. Here’s an example of how I took notes.

The example above is notes on the "Introduction of SAP Activate".


To take the certification exam, you’ll need to subscribe to the SAP Certification Hub. Within the training.sap.com website, look for CER006 which provides the necessary details.

Once you have subscribed to the SAP Certification in the Cloud, you can book and take the exam at any time of your convenience. Once you have logged on to the SAP Certification Hub, you can find the necessary details by choosing View FAQ link.

The SAP Activate Project Manager certification, like many other exams, has 80 questions which you have to attend within 3 hours. The cut score for this certification is 68%. Once you finish the exam, you can see the Assessment Feedback. If you pass the exam, you can expect to receive the notification within 3-4 days of taking it.


You can print the certificate through the SAP Credential Manager using the following path:

Manage Certifications > Printable Certificates > Print Now

If you face any problem in accessing the SAP Credential Manager.

Next steps

Don’t stop your learning journey and help others with the skills you have learned.
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