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Please follow below steps for e Separation inbound  email configuration.


Create inbound email id which accept mail and process mail
(as like sender and receiver)


To create user and assign inbound email id to this user id
(T.Code SU01) and provide necessary authorization. In case client want three
different eamil ids for e separation-Exitinterview. (DEV,QAs,PRD)


Then do configuration in SO50 tcode.

  1. A. In this provide document class as ‘*’
  2. B. Give Exit Name as CL_EAIN_PROCESS_EMAIL
  3. C. Give Call Sequence as ‘1’


Step 4:

All received mail to inbound mail id we can
check through SOIN TCODE.

Step 5:

SAP has provided standard class
CL_EAIN_PROCESS_EMAIL which triggered when mail received by inbound mail id and
processes attached exit interview adobe form and make exit interview stage as

While processing the mail this class internally
checking whether sender’s PERNR and the PERNR in exit interview adobe form is
same or not. If it is not same then it will not process form.

After this successful submission of exit
interview form, form will be appeared into employee, RM, HRBP, HRC&B and
finance Dept.’s dashboard against respective separation request.

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