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Integration needs between ERP systems and eCommerce platforms have been growing rapidly all the time, and there is a reason for that.

Integration between your ERP system and eCommerce channels makes operating your business more efficient. All the data between integrated systems are always communicated and up to date.

There are many advantages to integrated e-commerce platforms with SAP Business ByDesign:

  • No human involvement and reduction of human error.

  • Saving time and money – online sales orders are automatically added to ByDesign, other back-office processes are automated.

  • Maintain accurate customer, product, order, and shipping data without any need for manual entry.

  • It’s easier to handle increased demand in online orders without extra resources.

For many companies, the integration process and tools used for integrating e-commerce platforms with SAP ByDesign can quickly become too expensive and time consuming. We have developed a simple way to integrate ByDesgin with any eCommerce platform with minimal setup and maintenance costs using only standard SAP platform tools.

What is used:

  1. SAP Business ByDesign standard API-s

  2. SAP Integration Suite (Basic dition).

  3. Customers eCommerce platform - e.g Shopify Lite

Basically, the whole idea is to create a constant flow of communication between  eCommerce platform and SAP ByDesign. For this, we use SAP Cloud Integration Suite. For keeping the running costs low, we use the Basic edition of SAP Integration Suite.

For integration, an automatic syncronization process is in place. After certain time interval, multiple integration processes are started that check the data that has been created/changed since the last process ended.

These multiple processes all together make ByDesign and any eCommerce platforms talk to each other 24/7. The role of the Integration Suite is to modify the data between systems so that there is no need for developments in ERP nor eCommerce side.

Benefits of Integration between E-commerce platforms and SAP Business ByDesign are clear:

  • Inventory, pricing, customers, orders are the same in every system.

  • No need for time-consuming manual data entering.

  • Fewer mistakes caused by manual data entry

  • Better customer experience

  • As demand increases, the need for additional staff is smaller

  • Lower integration running costs

As you can see, there is a way to do integration at a relatively low cost, using only the standard versions of different systems.

For any questions, please write your comment below.

If you are more interested on how we managed this full integration between SAP Business ByDesign and Shopify eCommerce (POC), please let us know at info@msbs.ee
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