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Recently when trying to get the ESS EhP5 WebDynpro ABAP Personal Profile Application I encountered an issue which probably has been blogged a couple of times now. The issue was related to country specific configuration for the overview screen of Personal Profile.

The default application uses the international version for population various subsections on the overview screen. For me the problem was with the dependent’s information that was being displayed on the overview screen. Though all the data in IT0021 seemed to be in order the dependents full name aka FORMATTED_NAME just didn't seem to be displayed.

Being relatively new to EhP5 (sigh! late entrant to the game :sad: ) I did what seemed logical – searched SDN for anything that would help me solve the problem. I came across 2 very helpful blogs which answered my questions.

Creating overview screens for countries in Personal Profile (ESS EhP5) by rj.l

Customizing ESS in EHP5 (Step by Step Guide) by virag.shinde2

Even though I had the above guides I still didn't seem to follow it through and it took me sometime to achieve my desired result. Hence, writing this blog.

The dependents information is displaying using the HRESS_CC_PER_OVR_FAMILY_XX configuration contained within package PAOC_ESS_PER_XX.

In order to adapt it to your country we need to make a copy of this configuration using the Editor for the WebDynpro ABAP Component Configuration.

Once the copy is created the parameters which populate the data on the screen need to be adjusted for the country group.

Once the country specific structure has been adjusted select the columns which need to show up on screen and save the configuration. Now the country specific configuration has been created.

Now the part that confused me was how to get this configuration onto the overview page. The first method I followed was incorrect. I went ahead and created a copy of application configuration HRESS_AC_PERSINFO and added a new UIBB on this screen. After adding the UIBB and previewing the output the names still didn't show up. For solve this I added a wire to fetch the data and that resolved the data part.

This is when the functional guy on the team asked me – “How will this work for multiple countries?” For a minute I was lost. But then I read the above blogs again to give me some answers and they did.

Then it dawned on me what was in front of my eyes all this time. I needed to edit the component configuration -  HRESS_CC_PER_CONFIG

Since I needed to create a country specific configuration for Mexico I did a group by country version and selected Family Member/Dependents. After that hit the button Add UIBB Configuration. Since I wanted the international version of the family dependents screen to be replaced by the country specific one I selected the option Replace for action on UIBB drop down.

Enter the other parameters as needed

Once the above step is complete save the configuration and test. This did the trick for me.

Thanks for reading. While a large portion of the blog is available in some form or the other in the 2 links I mentioned, I couldn't seem to follow them. I hope this helps someone like me who is starting with things.

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