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As was discussed in another one of my blog posts, I deem it extremely important that the planning horizons are respected and specific activities are carried out in specific zones. Along those lines I'd like to refer to the mid-term planning horizon where one can execute stimulative MRP. SAP calls the simulative planning module LTP (Long Term Planning, which is a bit confusing as I would only use it for mid term planning).

With SAP-ERP's LTP you can create planning scenarios and attach different versions of a demand program to it. That way you're holding true to still only managing demand in the mid-term and once you find a fitting demand program, you can release it into operative MRP.

To plan these different versions of a demand program or forecast, a simulative MRP Run (the LTP Run with transaction MD02) is carried out and the result can be evaluated and planned in transaction MFS0. You probably never heard about about transaction MFS0 as it is hard to find any mention of it. But it is the mirror transaction to MF50 in operative MRP.

MF50 is often misunderstood and most people think it can only be used in conjunction with repetitive manufacturing. Nothing could be further away from the truth. MF50 is a tabular planning table, perfectly suited to balance supply with demand for any period you choose to look at. It can do so for detailed planning, rate-based planning (which makes it perfect to deal with in the mid term) and even sequencing. Additionally, there is a graphical planning screen available too (like in CM25)

As you are simulating in SAP-LTP you will find that everything is attached to a planning scenario (that's why you will find that object in MS04, MS07 (mirror transactions to MD04 and MD07) and many other LTP transactions. And when you look to plan as in MF50, the planning scenario with its associated demand version, it can be done with transaction MFS0.

Give it a try and have a look... MFS0 is the perfect planning transaction for rate-based, mid-term planning... but only if you use it in the context of an overall system of planning with planning horizons.

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