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A Team, at an implementation project or a support organization, can perform well if it has variety of skills and not just the tool(s) expertise.

While you have to have Consultants who can design, develop and implement solutions to address particular business requirements, you also need to have people in your team who can communicate & present the value of a given solution, in addition to those leading the solution portfolio, to deliver best-possible results.

The Application Specialist, who

  1. Knows the ins and outs of an application,

  2. Can think of multiple solutions to a single requirement, and

  3. Has ability to set-up system ...

… can help IT and business teams in keeping the system up and running while providing the required technical support and addressing changed or new business requirements.

The Technical Writer, who

  1. understands the domain needs on high level,

  2. has some knowledge of the corresponding applications, and

  3. is good in communication ...

… can facilitate both the business and IT teams in interpreting the business requirements and solution capabilities respectively.

The Trainer, who

  1. Can summarize chunk of information into overviews,

  2. Is good in transforming statistics into graphical layouts, and

  3. Has some understanding of any IT Solution ...

… can help IT and Business Teams in presenting right information to different audience within an enterprise and accordingly in helping people in benefiting from variety of application features.

The Leader, who

  1. Has knowledge of different sub-components and processes,

  2. Is good in multi-tasking, handling CRs and Troubleshooting, and

  3. Can manage people with different backgrounds ...

… can help business and IT teams in supporting processes and in running corresponding SAP Applications better.

Now relate all these roles to a particular business function or a SAP Solution and you’ll see the value of having specialized people for each of such roles.

For instance, the HR Line of Business being supported by SAP HCM and SuccessFactors applications. If you have a …

  1. Consultant, who is expert in different sub-modules of HCM/SF, and implement solutions well,

  2. Writer, who can write any type of technical documents, and describes the scenarios effectively,

  3. Trainer, who has skills in describing the features of SAP HCM and SF, and presents the information in easy-to-understand way, and

  4. Leader, who has knowledge of different HR functions, and manages team in best possible manner,

… don’t you think you can handle the HR function in a way like no one else?

Are you on any of such roles?

To know how to perform the best on each of the above-mentioned roles, read the following:

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