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There are number of blogs / documents where we can get the how to get do the text determination and lot of discussions in the community. This document is continuation of such contributions, as I could not find this piece of information.

This document illustrates how to display the text in the overview screen of the sales order & also Change/display the text, when customer / material are entered in the order.

1. Text Display on the overview screen

Business Scenario: In some cases, the end users may ask for easy/fast entry of data where they can key in all the details without much navigation. It may not be required in all cases, but user will have easy accessibility to enter the text.

This feature is available only for Sales document header level in VOTXN.

Suppose you have the texts as shown below in the Sales Document Header.

You create text procedure according to requirement of the client.

Access Sequence is created, if data has to be copied from the Master data or some source and assigned to the text procedure.

When you go to assign the Text Determination procedure to the Sales document type, you will see the, ‘Text in Overview screen’ checkbox option. If this is ticked, we will be able to see the text in the sales order overview screen.

Here, you can see texts under the Sales tab.

2. Display text while copying.

Business Scenario: There may be requirement of client that in the order confirmation output where texts are printed they need to modify certain data. If the option of display while copying is entered, then users can make the changes to the master data text, if necessary. 

Example: A company XYZ has customer ABC. In the master data of ABC they have maintained some payment instructions in the customer master, which will be printed on their order confirmation / acceptance output. Later while creating the sales order for customer ABC, they may need to change text looking into a particular payment situation for that order. The intension of this is to make it easy entry for the users, during sales order entry.

In the above screen, notice that sequence 60 has access sequence 54. In this access sequence, the text is being copied from customer master.

In the text determination procedure, ‘Text is obligatory’ column, you have option Y & Z. If you select either of the option, text will be displayed while creation of sales orders.

I have selected option Y & let us see the effect.

Let us create a Sales Order & enter the customer.

Once you enter the Sold-to Party, you will see the pop-up display. This text has been maintained in the customer master.

Similarly, you can maintain text for item level i.e., you can display text when material is entered.

Notes for Reference:

There may be some issues while we use this option for which there are some notes / corrections to be applied, which are as referred below.

If "Text will be displayed during copying" is set for the text ID in the text determination procedure in text Customizing, the text is not displayed correctly. This may occur for Cyrillic fonts.

  • SAP Note 1353999 Text not displayed correctly
  • SAP Note 1357124 Text is not displayed correctly II
  • SAP Note 1439262 Text not displayed correctly III
  • SAP Note 1534640 Text not displayed correctly IV
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