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Hi Folks,

Hope you are having a great day!

I am writing my first blog on the process of paying freight to vendors while procuring Non-Valuated assets.

This blog will provide all the steps for creating Account keys, Assignment of account to Condition type & Assign GL account to Account key.


Configuration Steps

  1. Go to T code: SPRO-IMG- Materials Management-Purchasing-Define Price Determination Process-Define Transaction/Event Keys

             2. Create Account keys.

            3. Assign the New Account key to the GL account.(T code: OBYC)

            4. Go to T code: SPRO-IMG-Materials Management-Purchasing-Conditions-Define Price                        Determination Process-Set Calculation Schema-Purchasing / T Code: M/08.

            5. Select the Pricing Procedure.

            6. Enter the New account key in the Account key field in the Freight Condition type.

Process Steps

1. Create an Asset PO & add the Condition type.

            2. Do Goods receipt of the Purchase order (T code: MIGO)
 Note: No accounting document will be generated For non-valuated Asset Purchase orders.


            3. Do the Invoice Receipt of the Purchase order.


Summary: –

With the help of this blog, we can understand the process of paying freight to vendors while procuring Non-Valuated assets.

Thanks for reading this blog and if you find it informative, please like and share this blog.

If you have any queries or questions regarding this blog let me know in the comment section.








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