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I'd like this post to be a discussion rather than another rant or lecture from me, so here is the statement for you to tear apart:

"With cloud HCM solutions we should focus on buying capabilities, not processes any more."

And here just a little explanation what I mean without trying to defend the position too much already (I reserve the right to defend it in the discussion as it goes along):

  • For buying decisions in the on-premise world, customers would usually define not only the scope the system should cover but map the processes to they want to be used to an often meticulous level of detail. If that hasn't happened before buying the software, than it would usually happen, when buying the implementation service. So, relatively little time was spent on what the system should do now (and maybe more importantly in future) and a lot of time was spent on how it should be done.
  • I believe that this doesn't give you the best results in the fast-paced world of cloud HCM. Rather than spending up to a year on defining processes, I believe customers should focus much more on the current capabilities the solution would bring them as well as on its capability to innovate and then be open about the process to bring these capabilities alive. If this sounds a little bit vague, it's because it actually is a little bit vague (the clue is in the name: cloud :razz: ). So, focus much more on what and much less on how. And therefore also getting much faster to actually doing something about it.

This is probably a bit provocative and it doesn't mean I'm 100% signed up to it yet, but for the purpose of the argument, let's assume I am, so feel free to attack :mad:

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