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What is Digital Personnel Profile (DPF)?

It’s a central storage of all the documents of the employee within the company which are related to the work related, remuneration, legal documents, certificated etc. DPF is a part of PA-AS (HR Admin Services) business package which can be either used independently or also part of the HCM Process and Forms component. DPF functionality is based of SAP’s Record Management and need some prerequisite work in the Record Management.

Advantages of Digital Personnel Profile

Issues being faced for maintaining Paper based employee records

Transformation to Digital Personnel Profile

Maintenance cost is high due to fact that high storage space is required and efforts required for maintaining is monotonous process.

DPF helps in lowering the space and costs.

There is always an issue of compliances

Here all the files are reliable, consistent and compliant enough.

Chances of more Human error possibility, Loss of documents or misfiling.

Handling the files in the structured manner

There is no guarantee of restricting the employee records to unauthorized people

Well integrated within SAP HCM and also integration with workflows.

Multi access is not possible

People can access simultaneously from anywhere any locations.

Retention Management – Manual activity required to ensure retention period are complied.

Retention management is automated.