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So, I spoke in an earlier post somewhere that I was working on a spreadsheet to try to coorelate all of the DI API and UI API objects. I'm building this as I go, but I thought that if I was to get it out here for the community to work on, then maybe it would grow faster? I'm not sure how ambitious you all are, but it might be helpful to a lot of people if we could have a comprehensive list in one location of all of the objects that are exposed to us in the DI and UI APIs, and how they relate to each other.

So, I've attached my current working copy of the spreadsheet in Excel 97-2003 format. It is named .txt because for some reason SCN won't allow us to upload an XLS extension document. So just rename it to .XLS and go nuts. Feel free to add any connections/coorelations that you've found and post it here, then I'll correct/update the main document.

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