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Derivation types "Move" is the most used derivation type in TRM. Usually it is used to assign Account Assignment Reference.


It works in the following way: system checks conditions and if they are fulfilled then data from Source field or constant will be moved in Target field. Easy and elegant.


Scenario: we have created new product type. We need to create derivation step to assign account assignment reference to new product type.

  • Produc type: ZDP Deposit

  • Transaction type: 100 Investment

  • Account Assignment Reference: 10100 Receivables: Fixed-Term Deposit


IMG -> Financial Supply Chain Management -> Treasury and Risk Management -> Transaction Manager -> General Settings -> Accounting -> Link to Other Accounting Components -> Define Account Assignment Reference Determination (OTC Transactions) (tr. TPM32 )


In general screen of derivation press "Create step" button or F5.

Select "Move" step

Enter Setp description.

Select "Constant" radio button and enter Account Assignment Reference Id.

Select Target field - AA_REF Account Assignment Reference of Position Management


If you do something else you can choose Source field instead Constant and Other Target fields


Source fields list

Target fields list

TIps: depending on Derivation transactioin fields may vary.


Pay attention to "Field attributes" button (spyglass)

These parameters can handle how data is overwritten and which part of field value is take into considitration.


Let's get back to our derivation step.

On "Condition" tab you can create conditions. Without conditions the step is always executed. But conditions can limit it.


The step is executed only if all conditions listed on "Condtion" tab are met.


Save our step. It is ready.


TIp: Pay attention to Step "Standard". It is without condition. It means it will always be executed - our transaction will reiceive Account Assignment Reference - REF_OTC. But it is wrong. It is because our new step is below "Standard" setp and have target field attribute "Do not overwrite with new values if field already filled". Don't change this parameter, but move your derivation step above.


In other words: conditions for your step are unique. All other steps do not contain them. But "Standard" step doesn't contain any conditions - so it will executed and your step will be skiped. Solutions - move your step above!

Select step which you want to move. Click on the line above which you want to move your line and click on "Move" button, or F7.

You can also check this note: 2425363

That's it. Our step is ready.


Don't forget to test it Derivation: Test your derivation steps.


For other topics reffer to TRM Derivation (index)

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