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Introduction :

Depreciation run program is periodic processing that posts planned depreciation to all Assets which are active in system. Most of the companies execute this program every month or quarterly or yearly basis. This blog will help to you to understand the require steps to preform in S4 Hana Finance in depreciation run program


This document contains the overview of the depreciation run functionality in S4 HANA Finance.  You are aware of ECC 6.0 Depreciation run program.

New Asset accounting is the only one solution in S4 HANA. Classic Asset accounting (SAP ECC) is no longer available. In this document, we will cover how the depreciation run program works in S4 HANA.

Old Program RAPOSTxxxx is replaced by new FAA_DEPRECIATION_POST program. No change in T.code AFAB  for depreciation run.

Reason for posting run: Selection parameters e.g. Planning posting run, Repeat, Restart and unplanned posting run options has been removed from the input parameters.

Screen Layout: AFAB (Depreciation Posting Run)

The Selection view is simplified as the Reasons for posting run (planned depreciation run, repeat, restart, unplanned posting run) are no longer relevant.

Info for Posting Parameters: This option will show the last posting period and year with ledger groups

Company code Selection: This is new option in S4 HANA to run the depreciation for single or multiple company codes at once.

Accounting Principle: You can see new option “Accounting Principle” in the input parameters has been added. You can post depreciation by selecting any accounting principle or leave it blank to post to all ledger groups

Totals log:

Summary report will be produced in log if you select this indicator, no other information on individual asset.

Output screen:

Detailed log:

If this indicator is set all posted assets will be listed with the respective depreciation area but still with the restriction for 1000 assets. Detailed log option provides information on individual assets level along with cost centers.

Output Screen:

No Output log:

System does not create any output list if you select this indicator.

A test run can be performed but still with the restriction for 1000 assets.

How the depreciation values determine in S4 HANA:

System determine the depreciation values of each asset posting and with each asset master record change. This plan values will be stored in table FAAT_PLAN_VALUES.

The depreciation run adopts the planned asset values and posts them in Financial Accounting and stored in ACDOCA table.

AW01N - Asset Explorer:

You can see the line status as “Planned” in the figure from period 08 to 12 are stored in table FAAT_PLAN_VALUES. Depreciation run program already executed and posted for status showing “Posted” for line items.

The journal entry is posted and updated in ACDOCA table on the asset level.

Architectural Changes:

  • Actual data of ANEP, ANEA, ANLP, ANLC (line items) is now stored in table ACDOCA. ANEK (header) data is stored in BKPF.

  • Statistical Line Item in Asset Accounting (for example, calculation for tax purposes) are now stored in table FAAT_DOC_IT.

Year-dependent attributes for depreciation are now stored in FAAT_YDDA.

Conclusion :

You learned how to execute the depreciation in S4 HANA Finance module.

I have highlighted the major changes in S4 HANA finance as compared to SAP ECC and step by step process on AFAB Depreciation posting in HANA with example to understand New Asset Accounting. Hope this will help to gain the knowledge Asset area.