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Deletion of Existing Release Strategy in SAP ECC

For implementing/activating /modifying New Release strategy in SAP ECC systems we need to make sure that we will not having any inconsistency while activating it and need to delete any existing Release Strategies.


If a Release Strategy already exists than in the table KLAH where the class entries are maintained has primary key and the class which is having lower primary key will get triggered.  So in order to avoid the inconsistency Existing Release Strategy has to be deleted. According to standard SAP, for every release object (1=PReq, 2=Purchase order) only one class may be used.

1.1 Steps to be followed for Release Strategy Deletion

1.       Create the Replica of existing Release strategy as per the Acceptance/ Production in the development system for all the boxes where Release strategy is present.

2.       Create the deletion request in Development system for all the Release strategy replicated in the previous step. Release strategy needs to be deleted in the following sequence.

a.       Delete Release Strategy

b.      Delete Release indicator

c.       Delete Release codes

d.      Delete Release group

3.       Move this deletion TP in the respective Acceptance / Production system to clean up the existing release strategy.

1.2 Deletion of Class:

4.       On completion of deleting Release Strategy, delete the Class using transaction CL02 in respectively acceptance/production system.

1.3 Deletion of Characteristics:

5.       Delete the Characteristic using CT04 transaction respectively in acceptance/production system.

1.4 Report:

6.       Execute the report in Customizing (transaction OMGQCK or OMGSCK) and ensure that the system does not display any red traffic lights.

1.5 Configure New Release Strategy:

7.       Move all the Transports related to New Release strategy Configuration in the acceptance/Production system as per required sequence.

8.       Assign the Release Group and Release Strategy to Class using CL20N/CL24N transaction in each system.

Reference Notes:

SAP note:365604

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