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Dear Friends

Here is the document which help you to delete the personnel number from the system permanently. and in bulk too..

1.     Personnel Number Deletion from System

In SAP we have a option of deleting a personnel Number completely from the system.

There are two ways to delete the personnel number from the System

a.       Delete Single personnel Number

b.      Delete Multiple personnel Number

1.1  Delete single Personnel Number

First we need to go to Transaction code PA30.  It will show a screen like this.

Enter the personnel number which we want to delete and press enter.

  1. Then click Utilities à Delete personnel No.

Then it will show all the info type Which are maintained for the said personnel number

We need to select all entry and click on delete. The said personnel number will get deleted permanently from the system.


1.2  Delete Multiple Personnel Numbers

SAP gives us the many utilities like Batch job execution methods like LSMW or BDC. Either we can record the transaction which we did earlier and run the batch job.

Or SAP gives us the standard program to do so.

Go to transaction code se38 and type RPUDELPN and click on execute.

It will ask the personnel number we want to delete. Pass the range of the personnel number and un tic the test check box and click in execute

In a very short time all the personnel numbers will get deleted.

SAP Will ask for confirmation Click yes and we are done….

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