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Define Strategy in SAP S/4HANA ON’PREM



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The planning strategy represents an appropriate procedure to be used for planning and produced a material.

The planning strategy is defined by:

  • a combination of both that makes sense

In this section, you also see various control indicators for each planning strategy on the overview screen, for example:

  • consumption indicator (determines whether the requirements type in planned independent requirements and the requirements type in sales order management are consumed or whether sales orders increase the master plan, and so on).

  • availability check (determines whether the check is to be carried out according to ATP logic or as a check with planned independent requirements)

  • assembly type (determines whether an assembly order is created for the sales order and whether the assembly order is created as a planned order or as a production order in the system)

  • configuration (determines whether configuration is allowed), and so on

Standard settings

In the SAP standard system planning strategies are preset.


You should use the planning strategies that are contained in the standard system.


If necessary, enter new planning strategies.








Planning Strategy Group

The strategy group groups all the planning strategies that can be used for a particular material. The planning strategy represents the procedure used for planning a material and is (technically speaking)                controlled by the MRP types.




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