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Deferred Revenue report provides Detail/Summary of Contracts that are Invoiced to deferred and the amount that is recognized.

SAP provides the Transaction VF45 to get the details but the problem is this transaction provides data for only one Contract/Order at a time. The deferred revenue report uses the VF45 logic to create a report for all/selected open contracts/orders and provides valuable information in a different format which becomes useful for auditing/reporting purposes.

This report pulls all of the Contract/Order data using the VF45 logic and then processes/converts this data into a different format. This report provides the following key information for the Deferred Revenue GL Accounts -- Deferred Revenue OP Balance, YTD Deferred Revenue, YTD Revenue Recognized, Ending Balance and Unbilled revenue in Transaction Currency for each of the Open Contracts along with other details like Customer, Material and Profit Center.

When Revenue Recognition process is activated, invoices posted will hit the designated deferred revenue accounts and upon recognition will reduce the recognized amount from the deferred accounts. This report is useful when your company has thousands of contracts and billing happens often.

Following is the data selection screen:

Report Output:

Output Column calculations:

Deferred Rev Beginning: Sum of the invoices Posted in the prior fiscal year - Sum of Recognized Amount in the Prior Fiscal Year

YTD Invoiced to Deferred: Sum of all invoices posted in the current fiscal year up to the period for which the report is executed for

YTD Recognized Revenue: Sum of Recognized Amount in the Current Fiscal Year up to the period for which the report is executed for

Ending Balance: Deferred Rev Beginning + YTD Invoiced to Deferred - YTD Recognized Revenue

Unbilled Receivables: Sum of amount posted into Unbilled account due to Reversals, Cancellations etc.