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Hello SAPers!

If you’ve ever configured or provided post go-live support for topics related to electronic bank statement, then you most probably encountered error message saying: “Following entries are missing in table T028G”. This a standard error message that is triggered during upload of electronic bank statement when external business transaction key (BTC) from bank statement has not been mapped against bank posting rule (check assignment in t-code OT83 under tab “Assign External Transaction Types to Posting Rules”).

As you can see from screenshot above, one of the operations in bank statements was provided with business transaction code 051, which is not maintained. This error results in termination of bank statement upload i.e. you’re not able to upload it and post documents.

This is quite trivial error, which can be fixed quite easily (from technical perspective). However, if you’re working in big international company with support functions outsourced to third-party providers, you might expect long lead times until the issue is fixed (sometimes it can take up to 3 days just to get initial response).

Previously, the only way to fix this issue was to add missing key into customizing. One of the newer features of SAP allows simple workaround – configuration of so called default posting rules for miscellaneous transactions. The logic behind this feature is as follows:

  • allocate as many external business transaction codes to posting rules as you can;

  • add two additional entries with fixed key “UNALLOCATED” and assign them to posting rules for so called miscellaneous operations i.e. operations that do not have fixed account determination for accounts corresponding with bank accounts; relevant accounts should be entered by user directly during the post-processing of bank statement in FEBAN;

  • after uploading of electronic bank statement, you’ll still see the message “Following entries are missing in table T028G”, however the upload won’t be terminated anymore and you’ll be able to process bank statement;

  • operations with unassigned business transaction codes will be displayed with default posting rules in FEBAN, however once you have bank statement in FEBAN, you can change posting rule manually (if you have proper authorization:) and complete the posting.

To sum up: the main of advantage behind configuration of default posting rules for unallocated business operations is that missing settings won’t slow down the processing of bank statements and can be handled on a business as usual mode with low priority.

As mentioned before, this is quite new feature, however I’m nor sure what is a minimal EHP-level. It is available for EHP-8 for sure and most probably for EHP6 / 7 as well.

Just in case, default posting rules for miscellaneous operations can be configured as follows (see screenshot below). Setting are provided for both EBS with one and two posting areas.

I hope this information will be useful for some of you:) Please also check out my other posts about handling of bank-statement-related issues:


Bohdan Petrushchak