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The Brazilian DDA replace the old Boleto which is a Bill of Exchange with a 44/47 bar-code digits that the payer can easily perform the payment thru an ATM , Bank Web Site or Bank File Exchange.

Basically DDA is an Electronic Boleto also containing the 44/47 bar code digits as reference for payment.

Previously, the AP open item should be updated by the user, usually using a Bar-code Scanner, with the Bar Code Digits at FB02, screen field RF05L-BRCDE.

Now with DDA replacing the old Boleto, SAP delivered some solutions to have this bar code updated automatically when processing the bank file thru J_1BBR20 and J_1BBR30 programs. SAP also delivers DDA_BR functionality for post processing in case that the automatically identification didn´t happens for some reason.

Business Process for DDA

The vendor will send to the bank a file with the information for DDA creation which send to CIP (Câmara Interbancária de Pagamentos), CIP will process the Vendor request and forward to the House Bank that can be download by the company or receive the file for processing thru a VAN service.

Vendor -> Bank <-> CIP <-> House Bank <-> Company

The company will process and update the open items with the DDA bar-code and process the F110 DME payment file and send to the House Bank which send back to CIP that process the payment of that DDA and communicate the Vendor Bank.

The Challenge

The information such as CNPJ, Due Date, Amount and Reference Field will be used by SAP system to determine the AP open item for bar-code update.

The reference field in Brazil is used to record the Nota Fiscal number (Invoice Number) usually with the following Mask: 999999999-999 - Nine numeric digits as the NF number and three numeric digits called Serie.

The vendor can send the NF number with many possibilities such as:

* 123-1

* 123/1

* 1231

* 000000123-1

Usually SAP create the open item with the following way: 000000123-1 (Leading zeros the NF number, pipe and then the serie)

It is really difficult to match the vendor reference with the SAP reference field and usually the DDAs will be sent to DDA_BR for post processing. Unfortunately, this transaction code is not open to update the reference number with the expected one (REFERENCE_NO) and also the payable accountant usually do not agree to update his/her open item with the vendor reference.

Workaround Solution

The workaround solution that we applied for our business is to open the reference number, so the payable accountant can input the reference according to his open item.

We did that using enhancements on programs “RFFOBR_DDA, RFFOBR_DDA_O00”. The enhancement point is RFFOBR_DDA_POINT that can be used on the information treatment.

Follow bellow some technical inputs and ABAP source code to help you to perform the same to open the Reference Field in DDA_BR transaction without need to copy the program to a Z program:

Enhancement to apply the ALR user input data before Post Processing function:

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