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Purpose: The purpose of this blog post is to bring the real-life day-to-day scenarios of a material buyer based on my own domain experience as a material buyer. These blog posts are mainly for material buyers (end users), however, new MM consultants can also get benefited by knowing the buyer’s role better.

This is the ninth blog post of the series – Day in the  Life of a material buyer. Please go through the previous blog posts to understand other activities of the buyer.

This blog post will focus on vendor invoices.

High-level buyer activities that are related to Vendor invoice issues are as below.

    • Ensure the system is clear of invoices in a payment hold

    • Adjust PO when appropriate

    • Work with the vendor as required

    • Working on retention amount release.

SAP Tcodes/Tools

–Invoice Blocking

 MRBR - Display Blocked Invoices (Like Display Purchase Orders blocked for Price or Quantity Tolerances).

  • Purchase Orders (For changing POs due to invoice issues)

    • ME22N - Change Purchase Order (Change quantity on a Purchase Order with an invoice blocked for quantity)

Scheduling Agreement Process (For changing POs due to invoice issues)

    • ME38 - Change Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule(Change quantity on a Scheduling Agreement Delivery Schedule with an invoice blocked for quantity)

The above activities are routine activities carried out by buyers on invoices.

Please comment on any other key things missed here to make this blog post better.


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