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I have decided to collect my experiences from SAP HCM implementation projects in my country. I will categories the issue and I would dedicate the first part to the most important issue - DATE - in Iranian calendar(what we call Shamsi or Farsi calendar), a non-Gregorian calendar.

1. Payroll and time management periods.

There is problem with Iranian calendar with some version of SAP Kernel. I recommend to install at least release 7.02 of SAP_BASIS component with level 0007 to avoid this issue. The problem comes from method CONV_YEAR_EXT_TO_INT of program LKGJHU01.

Correct system:

The code which has defect(s):

I don't understand such a strange problem because we had no problem with the same level of kernel and lower SP level on EHP 4.0 and with EHP 6.0 with higher level of kernel and SP!

Finally could manage the issue by debugging the programs and adding a simple line to table TCP0I.

In fact the source of problem was class interface "CL_I18N_SYSTEM_SETTINGS" which has which has a attribute the name is "cal_conv_years".

Method "Get_Cal_Year_Conversion" uses this attribute to check if date conversion switch is on or off.

So I just created a simple record in TCP0I with following values and issue fixed The name, active and value must be the same as below.

What we say is all things are difficult before they are easy

The interesting point is I have no such a record in my ECC 6.0 EHP 6.0 system and it works very well!



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