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LTMC - Migration Cockpit

LTMOM - Migration Object Modeler


Environment - S4HANA 1709 - On Premise


When creating Migration objects using the Data Migration Cockpit Modeler, I encountered an issue with the Active View requirement for the migration object.


For the purpose of demonstrating this, I'm using the Asset Balances Data Migration Object. I created a copy of the Standard Migration Template for the Asset Balances in the Migration Object Modeler.


Migration Object Name - "Z_RB_ASSETMASTER_001 Fixed asset (incl. Balances)"

Refer to Fig 1 below.


In this Migration Object I have added an extra field Profit Center. After doing so, I wanted to download the template which was not possible due to the Active View error I mentioned above. Refer to Fig 2 below.



Fig 3 below shows the two migration objects for Fixed asset migration object. It is important to note that if a migration object created in the migration object modeler is a copy of an existing migration object template that comes with the product, the dependency information is not copied into the copy object.



In Fig 4 below more information on the error message is provided

Below are the steps to resolve the active view issue


Ensure that the Migration Object is not open in the Migration Object Modeler.


In the Migration Cockpit, within the Migration Object screen, click on Edit and choose the Active View from the drop down menu as shown in Fig 5 and 6.



Choose the "On-premise - Enterprise Management scope" and click on Save as shown in Fig 7 and 8 below.




Once saved, you can download template and if saved properly, the template download option for the browser to save the file will appear as shown below in Fig 9.