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The following information is the continuation of Document created by Mr. Pete Atkin



This document will give the insight of Cut Over Activities to be done in terms of Plant Maintenance module implementations.

Number Ranges:

  1. Equipment (Transaction Code: OIEN)
  2. Measuring Point (Transaction Code: IK09)
  3. Maintenance Plan (Transaction Code: IP20)
  4. Maintenance Item (Transaction Code: IP21)
  5. Task List (Transaction Code: OIL4 / OIL5 / OIL0)
  6. Maintenance Notification (Transaction Code: IW20)
  7. Maintenance Order (Transaction Code: OION)

Generally, Number ranges will be defined as Client Level setting.

Number Ranges for Equipment, Measuring Point & Maintenance Plans can be defined based on the categories. This will be helpful over the period to understand the category of Master data by viewing its number.


Equipment categories can be defined as per Business Requirement. Equipment Number ranges can be defined based on Equipment categories.

Measuring Point:

Measuring Points can be classified as follows.

  1. Measuring Point
  2. Measuring Point Counter
  3. Measuring Point Qualitative

Maintenance Plan:

Maintenance Plans can be classified as follows.

  1. Time based Maintenance Plan - Notification
  2. Time based Maintenance Plan - Order
  3. Performance based Maintenance Plan - Notification
  4. Performance based Maintenance Plan - Order
  5. Calibration Order (if requires to provide authorization based on category)

Task List:

Task List has its own classification as Equipment, Functional Location & General. So, the same can be followed to define the number ranges.

Maintenance Notification:

Maintenance Notification types are client level configuration, so its not possible to define the number ranges based on Notification type & Maintenance Planning Plant / Maintenance Plant combination. If this requires to differentiate the notifications based on Maintenance Plant, then separate notification types should be defined & the control can be given through authorization.

But Number ranges for Notifications can be defined at Notification type level.

Maintenance Order:

The same scenario as Maintenance Notification applies to Maintenance Order as well. Number ranges can be possible at Maintenance Order type. If you want to differentiate at Planning plant level, then Order types should be created & assignment should have been made accordingly.

Selection Screen Variants:

Selection Screen Variants can be defined in the Configuration & the same can be transported to Target clients. Else, this can be done as Client Level Settings.

  1. Functional Location (OIW6)
  2. Equipment (OIYC)
  3. Measuring Points (OIRF)
  4. Measurement Documents (OIRL)
  5. Maintenance Plan (OIY9 / OIWW / OIW5)
  6. Maintenance Item (OIWY)
  7. Task list (OIWO)
  8. Notifications (OIWI / OIWK / OIW1 / OIYZ / OIYW)
  9. Orders (OIWL / OIWU / OIUI)
  10. Confirmations (OIYG / OIW3)

The above given list are the commonly used data on List editing. As per the requirement, Selection variants can be defined.


These are the basic Cut Over Activities to be done for SAP Plant Maintenance.

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