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I am writing this more for my own future reference as I cannot find any of my bookmarks after SCN was migrated, but I hope in the process it helps someone else:).

Step 1 - Run Transaction OOFRAMEWORKCUST and select the scenario that you what to change, in my case OME0. Double click on the 'Tab Page in Scenario for each Object Type'

Step 2) This Report Name (SAPLRHADDRESS) will translate to a Function Group RHADDRESS. Copy this Function Group to your own custom Function Group ZRHADDRESS. Make your modification to the piece of code. In my scenario I am using another object to read the location from Infotype 1028.

There is also a reference to the Main Program hard coded into the Data Declaration that needs to be changed.

And finally you now have an address tab that reads the address from a different object. Tadaaa 🙂

Kind Regards
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