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Product and Topic Expert


Well, many of us are aware that in Make to stock production, stock allocation to each customer is not possible and this can only be achieved through make to Order scenario where planning run creates planned order and after production or process order confirmation, the stock of materials is assigned to Special Stock Indicator ' E' assigned to specific customer

However, when one say that in standard SAP that it is not possible for customer Specific Stock in Make to Stock scenario, this blog is surprise for them.


The idea of writing this blog goes to the help.sap portal where SAP says that in make to stock production, we can handle partial quantities of stock individually with different packaged handling unit.( for example: packaging variations for different customer group)

SAP business intelligence cannot be challenged and before going for Z development, consultants should explore every nook and corner of Help.sap where plethora of knowledge is available.

Lets begin the journey of this concept.

Prerequisites & Configuration:

  1. Warehouse is WM+HU managed

  2. Storage types are Storage unit managed

  3.  Packaging Material group and packaging material types creation and its corresponding assignment

  4. Configure Automatic packing

  5. Packing production or process order through handling units( COWBPACK )

  6. Receive the production or process order in stock(COWBHUWE)


I am taking 1 FG which will be shipped to 2 different customer having different packaging material. Hence packaging instruction is the driving tool which is pivotal in this scenario.


  1. Lets check the material master of our first packaging material 70011185.

Material group is 0001 and packaging material type Z001. You need to create these first and latter assign them in material master


2) Assignment


3) Configure Automatic packing in handling units.(You can find lot of scn documents for automatic packing functionality)


4) Create a condition table.

Now, I have taken Ship to Party and material combination as our ultimate aim is to have different packaging instruction determination with different customers.


5) Create Access sequence. Assign the condition table


6) Create determination type


7) Create procedure and assign the procedure.


8) Assign the procedure in the packaging transaction profile config.(OVHU2). 


9) Create packing Instruction by POP1

Load carrier is the packaging material which will carry the load of FG to be packed in Handling unit. Here as per business requirement, load carrier and to be packed material quantity can be filled up.


10) Create packaging instruction determination by POF1,

Here material and ship to party has been assigned with the above created packing instruction.

Similarly, create POP1 and POF1 for the second packaging material.


11) Create a production order process order and pack this into handling unit COWBPACK. 

I have created a process order of 6 pcs. Pass the process order to COWBPACK

and press enter. A pop up message will be triggered saying No packaging instruction is found. Dont get discouraged with this message:) Because our packaging condition is having combination of Material+ Ship to party


12) Now, put the ship to party in this screen and change the quantity to 2 because against this process order we will conduct partial GR to 2 different ship to party for stock differentiation.

Once you need ship to party, Automatic packing will be called in background and packaging condition will be determined as we have maintained in POP1 and POF1.

Click on save HUs and a handling unit will be generated


13) Now receive the goods receipt of Handling unit with COWBHUWE.

( In help.sap, COBWHUWE is written which is wrong, please be careful)


14) And click on propose HU and save.

Handling unit will be posted in our 6000 storage location which is WM+HU managed,


Similarly, I packed the order and confirmed the receipt with 3 quantities with different ship to party. So, system created another handling unit with different ship to party.


15) Lets check stock in MMBE. 5 Pcs are available and lets check the generated handling units


16) Check the stock in HUMO stock of separate handling units.

Its conspicuous 2 different stock has been packed for each ship to party and stock of inventory at handling unit level

Hence this meets our requirement which Help.Sap has mentioned.




A less part of WM is covered because there are limitations of screen shot. After goods receipt of material in HU+WM managed location, material will sit in 901 interim storage area. No TR will be generated because sloc is HU managed. You can see TR number is zero


A TO will be automatically created based on configuration and needs to manually  confirmed.

Handling unit will then finally placed in destination storage BIN. Since handling unit is putaway, it becomes storage unit in WM. So, handling unit=Storage Unit

Hence the topic ends here. I would wait for reader reply if any correction is required.

In the next blog I will write on QM+WM+HUM interface, i have already tested this complex scenario.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra







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