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As we move into S/4 HANA, we can get inconsistency dumps due to enhancement done in old system(using customizing include in standard table) and now we are in S/4 HANA, it has to be corrected to avoid errors in standard transactions. For example:-

Transaction: MM03, Table: MSEG



The underlying data model in S/4 HANA has been changed as compared to ECC and now it is based on core data services.

For example – The MM-IM data model has been changed and actual stock data will not be stored anymore in traditional table like MSEG, MKPF. Instead the single table MATDOC is introduced and stock data will be calculated on the fly.

Please refer this link https://scn.sap.com/community/s4hana/blog/2015/09/27/s4hana-use-case-series-2b--next-generation-inve... for more detailed information.

Issues may occur if any standard table has been enhanced by table enhancement techniques (APPENDs or CL_ includes) .In S/4 HANA, standard table is assigned with proxy CDS views .Due to enhancement, there will be structure mismatch between CDS view & table and it results in dump as mentioned above.

For more detailed information, please see SAP note (0002242679).



  • Go to SE11->Open MSEG table->Extras->Proxy Object


NSDM_E_MSEG is the CDS view behind MSEG table.

MSEG table is enhanced with CL_COBL include:-


  • Open HANA studio->ABAP perspective->YXXXXX Package->Core Data Services->Create new DDL

We need to enhance the above CDS view by creating extend view with the same fields:-



  • Implement the new program NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION as per SAP Note (0002242679):-

Give name in the highlighted box and this program will generate a new CDS proxy view which selects data from the underlying delivered CDS proxy view. Fields are sequenced same as in table to ensure compatibility table & proxy object.

New proxy object can be seen in MSEG table as below:-

  • CDS proxy object can be transported.



Conclusion: This explains how to enhance CDS views as well as issues occured during migration to S/4 HANA.







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