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In SAP Plant Maintenance, there might be a requirement to enable a custom button on IH08 transaction Output to perform some action. For example, say Print Equipment Labels from IH08.

I would explain how to Enable the Custom Button on IH08 Output Transaction which can be used for different purpose.


Here there are 2 Function codes, one for RIEQUI20 & one for RIEQUI21. Our Interest will be the function code +CUS1 on RIEQUI20.

Implement the above said BADI, provide BADI implementation name (ZXXXXXXXXXXX) and BADI implementing class (ZCL_XXXX_XXXXX)

This will implement the Interface Method IF_EX_BADI_EAM_LIST_FCODE~EXECUTE_FUNCTION_CODE.

Now Provide Function text, Any ICON(according to your Requirement, from INCLUDE <ICON>) and ICON text.

My Example, for ‘Equipment Print’

You have Enabled Custom Button now, Write code in the method IF_EX_BADI_EAM_LIST_FCODE~EXECUTE_FUNCTION_CODE of class ZCL_XXXX_XXXXX.

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