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Define settings for ledger and currency types – T-code FINSC_LEDGER

Introduction of currency setting: We can use maximum 10 currencies types in Hana. First two currency type should always be sap predefined currency type and remaining 8 currency type can be sap predefined or user defined or mixed. First currency type is always company code currency and second currency type is controlling area currency and controlling area currency should always be sap predefined currency. Asset accounting supports sap predefined first three currencies only. User defined currencies values are not updated in BSEG table but updates in ACDOCA table.

1. Currency Types

  1. Currency Type

1.1 Currency/Valuation Type – Given numeric currency types are sap predefined currencies. Y1, Y2&Y3 are user defined currency types.

1.2 Description and Short Description – is description of currency types.

1.3 Company code Specific Conversion. Please note that in this setting we have not given currency symbol for Y1 currency type and for Y2 currency type and similarly for others. This will be configured in next step. If this Company code Specific Conversion box is ticked it is considered as company code specific currency type. It means that for same currency type for Y1 we can give currency symbol as RUB, AED, NPR, MYR based on company code and we can also maintain company code specific currency conversion. if this Company code Specific Conversion box is not ticked it means we need to give one specific currency symbol either RUB, AED, NPR, MYR for Y2 and Y3 and it is applicable for all the company codes. It is known as global level.

In our setting currency type Y1 is defined as company code specific and Y2 and Y3 as global currency type.

2. Global Currency Conversion Setting

2.Global Currency Conversion Setting

2.1 Curr /Val. Type

Globally defined currency type in step1 only will appear in this tab. Such as Y2 and Y3 and others.

2.2 Currency type

It is the descriptions of the currency type.

2.3 Currency

Here we need to specify what Y2 and Y3 represent to. In our example, Y2=JPY and Y3=GBP. SAP consultant knows about sap Predefined currency type maintenance 10(t-code OX02),30(t-code OKKP and SCC4),40(OY01).

2.4 Source Currency Type

We have given currency type 10 and it is company code currency. For example, our company code currency INR and document posted in USD. System will convert value from USD to INR then INR to JPY and INR to GBP. If you give source currency type 00 it means that if you post document in USD, it will convert from USD to JPY and USD to GBP. It is similarly applicable for other currency types.

2.5 Exchange Rate Type

While converting from source currency-10 to another currency like Y1 what will be the exchange rate type. We have taken average exchange type M.

2.6 Trans. Date Type

While converting from source currency to another currency which date exchange rate should be picked. We have taken translation date. It is similar to posting date.

2.6 Real-time Conversion

If it is ticked then system will immediately convert value from source currency like 10 to target currency like Y1 and it if it is not ticket then target currency value will be blank and it will be converted during foreign currency valuation run (will cover during FCR). And exchange rate type and translation date setting are not required.

In conclusion, Y2 and Y3 are JPY and GBP respectively defined at global. JPY and GBP are applicable to all the company codes using currency type Y2 and Y3 in their ledger setting.

  1. Currency Conversion Setting for Company Code

3.Currency Conversion Setting for Company Code

3.1 Company Code

Enter your company code which wants to use Y1 currency type.

3.2 Curr / Val. Type

Enter your company code specific currency type defined in step 1. We have defined Y1 as company code specific in our example.

3.3 Currency

Enter currency symbol for Y1. Since Y1 is company code specific we can enter different currency symbols for different company code and additionally we can enter different exchange rate type and translation date and real-time conversion based on company codes.

For example

Company Code Currency Type Currency
U100 Y1 RUB
U101 Y1 AED

3.4 Source Currency type / Exchange rate type/ Translation type/ real-time conversion

We can change source currency type, exchange rate type, translation date and real-time conversion option as per company code for same currency type Y1.

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Conclusion: New asset accounting does not support user defined currency type. Please share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section.

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